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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Archbishop John Hughes Memorial Dedication

Cardinal Timothy Dolan Dedicates Memorial to New York’s First Archbishop

Cardinal Dolan unveils Archbishop John Hughes Memorial

The AOH of greater New York took part in a historic moment this past weekend as Timothy Cardinal Dolan visited The Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral to unveil a monument dedicated to the first Archbishop of New York, John Hughes.

Capacity Crowds at The Basilica of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral

The memorial was unveiled and blessed during a Vespers Service in which a capacity crowd of over 750 worshipers left standing room only inside the 200 year old church.

Rowan Gillespie with Hughes Monument

The 12 foot tall memorial, which features a bust of Archbishop Hughes, was created by renowned sculptor Rowan Gillespie.  Funds for the memorial were provided by The Knights of Columbus, Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of Morris County, and The Ancient Order of Hibernians of New York County. 

AOH Members Re-enact 1844 Defense of The Cathedral before Vespers

There was an particularly proud moment before the Vespers Service  began as members of The Ancient Order of Hibernians surrounded the Basilica in a re-enactment of the events of 1844, where then Archbishop John Hughes called out the members of the AOH to defend the church from being burned to the ground by native No-Nothing mobs.  Several members of the Myles Scully Division #1 of Yonkers took part in the re-enactment and attended the Vespers Service.

Here is a video of the Opening Procession

Cardinal Dolan spoke of the historical importance of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral, while also speaking of the bright future for the church and its parishioners.   “This church is not a museum”, said Dolan, “This is Old Cathedral is also a living, breathing and vibrant parish!”  Cardinal Dolan also noted that he was proud to be wearing a cross that had belonged to Archbishop Hughes.

The AOH New York County Board helped raise funds for the monument

The ceremonies marked the completion of the 6 year long celebration marking the 200th anniversary of the founding of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral.  Msgr. Sakano, the Pastor of the Basilica, thanked the many people who made this day possible.  “This Church will always be your home” said Sakano when thanking the AOH.

Westchester County AOH Members Gather before Dedication Ceremonies

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Irish Historian's Report November 2015

by Mike McCormack

Map and Illustration of The Battle of Yellow Ford

   The year was 1587, and the English were concerned about the Irish Chieftains whom they had not yet brought under control – especially in Ulster.  Something had to be done to insure their non-interference with Crown activities.  One of the more powerful clans was the O'Donnell of Tyr Connail, the present day Donegal.  Doe Castle was the seat of ‘The MacSweeney of the Battleaxe’ and the teenage son of ‘The O’Donnell’, was sent there to be trained in the arts: literature, music, swordsmanship, horsemanship and all the educational pursuits befitting a young Irish prince.  One day, a trading ship sailed into Rathmullen on Lough Swilly, 24 miles from Doe Castle.  They were offering Spanish wines, and fine fabrics for the Donegal Chieftains and their ladies.  Red Hugh O'Donnell, the 15-year old heir to the Tyr Connail Chieftainship and two friends, Dan MacSweeney and Hugh O’Gallagher, were invited aboard to see the merchandise.  Once on board, they were overpowered and the young prince was taken captive.  The kidnapping infuriated the Irish, but Lord Deputy Perrot reassured them that Red Hugh would remain alive, as long as the O'Donnells remained passive.  The young prince was taken to Dublin Castle.  The O’Donnells had been harboring 25 survivors of the Spanish Armada who shipwrecked on the Donegal coast in August 1588; they offered them to the English in exchange for Red Hugh.  The offer was accepted and the Spaniards were marched to Dublin to make the exchange.  When the English got the Spaniards, they beheaded them on the spot and sent the O’Donnells home, refusing to honor the agreement.

   As Christmas neared in 1591, O’Donnell had been imprisoned and brutally treated for near six years.  So many wardens had been replaced, it was doubtful if anyone remembered a red-haired boy in a cell in the bowels of Dublin Castle.  Then, on Christmas night, 21-year old Red Hugh made a daring escape with Henry and Art O’Neill, sons of the late Shane O’Neill, Chieftain of Tyrone. They fled into the Wicklow Mountains where, days later, close to death, covered with snow and embracing the lifeless body of Art O’Neill (Henry died during the escape) in an attempt to keep him from freezing, Red Hugh was found by the great Munster Chieftain, Fiach McHugh O'Byrne.  Red Hugh's escape sent a thrill through all of Ireland:  the heir of Tir-Connaill was safe.  He was brought to Hugh O’Neill at Dungannon, who escorted him to Hugh Maguire, Lord of Fermanagh.  The Maguire brought him to Tir-Connaill, where in May, 1593, he stood on the Rock of Doone, the ancient crowning stone of Clan O'Donnell, and received a title higher than any foreigner could give - that of The O'Donnell, Prince of Tir-Connaill.  There were now two War Chiefs in Ulster ready to oppose the English.

Painting - "The Battle of Yellow Ford" by JB Vallely

   The English, worried by the audacity of the northern Chieftains, captured The Maguire's fort at Enniskillen which guarded the Gap of the Erne - one of the two the main accesses to Ulster.  Maguire called on The O'Donnell for assistance, and O'Donnell rallied his clan.  Thus began the great rising of the Ulster Chieftains known as The Nine Years War.  O'Donnell swept through Ulster driving the English before him.  By the time they reached Enniskillen, Hugh O'Neill's brother, Cormac had joined them, and Enniskillen was recaptured.  The English attacked Monaghan and again were defeated, but in the battle, the banner of the Red Hand of O'Neill flew among the Irish; Clan O'Neill had taken the field against the English, and at their head was The O'Neill, England's trusted Earl of Tyrone.  The English were now in trouble for, the Irish had revealed their strength.  The three Hughs were in command of close to 1,000 horse-soldiers and 7,000 foot, at a time when the entire English force in Ireland was less than 2,000.  With Enniskillen safely in their hands, the three Hughes moved toward the Blackwater where an English Fort controlled the other main access to Ulster - the Gap of the North.  The Crown sent Lord Ormond and a newly arrived army of 4,000 foot and 300 horse to reinforce Blackwater. The Irish decided to stop him at a ford in the Callan River known as the Yellow Ford.

  The O'Neill constructed defenses, The O'Donnell organized a cavalry and The Maguire set to block an enemy retreat.   What happened next had never before happened in Ireland.  On the morning of August 14, 1598, the English were outmaneuvered, outgunned, outfought, and out-generaled by the Irish.   The Queen's army was destroyed, Blackwater Fort was in Irish hands and all of Ireland stood open before their army of liberation.  Elizabeth was not on the brink of losing Ireland; she had lost it, and would spend a fortune to regain it.  She raised the largest force ever assembled – 25,000 troops – and sent her Earl of Essex to lead them.  But Essex delayed, though Elizabeth demanded he attack.  In September, he finally moved north.  The two armies met in Louth, and O'Neill called for a parlay.  The two leaders met on horseback in the middle of a stream at the Ford of Bellaclynthe.  What was said will never be known, but when it was over, Essex turned his army south, and returned to Dublin.  In defiance of Elizabeth, he had granted O'Neill a truce! 

Hugh O’Neill and his Troops

     Essex deserted his army and left for England to plot rebellion against her.  Whether O'Neill had proposed such a strategy during their meeting is unknown, but he was playing the politics of avoiding conflict with Elizabeth.  She was, after all, an old woman and couldn't last much longer.  He had been negotiating with her successor, James Stuart of Scotland, and may well have offered Essex a position in the new reign in return for a truce until Elizabeth's death.  The only obstacle between O'Neill and the Kingship of Ireland was a frail old woman who would not die.  However, before she did, she had one more go at taking Ireland – and she succeeded.  But that’s another story.  For now, Ireland was Irish.
Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The 7th Annual Sean Tallon Tournament 2015

Yonkers AOH Sponsors 7th Annual
Sean Tallon Tournament at Gaelic Park

Sean Tallon Tournament Opening Ceremony at Gaelic Park in The Bronx
     The Ancient Order of Hibernians of Greater New York were proud to once again sponsor The 7th Annual Firefighter Sean Tallon Memorial Gaelic Sports Tournament which was held at Gaelic Park in The Bronx on November 1st.  The tournament is operated under the jurisdiction of The New York GAA Minor Board.  The tournament is dedicated to the life and legacy of FDNY Firefighter Sean Patrick Tallon of Yonkers, who lost his life responding to the terrorist attacks on The World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

FDNY Color Guard with FDNY Emerald Society Pipes & Drums

     The FDNY Ceremonial Color Guard along with the FDNY Emerald Society Pipes and Drums led over 250 young athletes onto the field as the event began.  Over 22 teams participated in this year’s tournament, making this the largest turnout in the event’s 7 year history. The tournament that began in 2009 by the Myles Scully Division of Yonkers with only 4 teams has grown each year and is now a major event on the GAA calendar.

Opening Procession with FDNY at Gaelic Park

     Sean Tallon’s Mother Eileen and sister Rosaleen thanked the GAA Minor Board and the AOH for keeping his memory alive at the tournament’s opening ceremony.  A moment of silence was then observed to remember Past AOH New York State President John Egan, who was tragically killed in an automobile accident the previous day.  John was a big supporter of the Sean Tallon Tournament and was planning on attending the event that day.

Fierce competition at The Sean Tallon Tournament
    The day was filled with action and excitement as the young athletes competed in 3 Division Levels of Gaelic Football and 2 Division Levels of Hurling.  The New York GAA Minor Board President, Denis Twomey, wished to thank all the Hibernians for supporting Irish Culture through promoting Gaelic Games for young people.

Under 10 & Under 8 Teams Compete in The Sean Tallon Tournament

     Thanks to all of the AOH County Boards and individual Divisions who have joined together to make this event a reality!  The sponsoring AOH Units for 2015 are:

AOH Bronx County Board
AOH New York County Board
AOH Queens County Board
AOH Westchester County Board
AOH Division #5 Bronx
AOH Division #3 Bronx
AOH Division #4 Bronx
AOH Division #18 Peekskill
AOH Division #1 Yonkers

Four AOH County Boards & Five Divisions Teamed Up to Sponsor the Event

     You can view pictures of all the action on the AOH New York State Board’s Flickr Social Media Site!  Click the link below to view pictures from the tournament.

Monday, November 2, 2015

President's Message November 2015


Division One President Kevin Ellis

November 2015


    I hope all of you are enjoying this Indian summer weather we are enjoying at the present moment.  There are a few things to mention that occurred during the past month.

     Division One was once again a proud sponsor of The Chili Hilly 5k Run/Walk that is sponsored by The North Yonkers Scholarship Foundation.  This year, there were over 380 runners and they were able to raise over $10,000 for The Miracle League of Westchester.  Thanks to all of our members who volunteered to help man our water station that was located along the route.

     The 7th Annual Sean Tallon Tournament took place this past weekend and with over 22 teams and 250 young athletes, it was the biggest one yet!  We are very fortunate to have the support of so many different County Board and Divisions who have joined us in sponsoring this event.  Special thanks to our good friend John Manning who was vital in arranging the FDNY Color Guard & Pipe Band to take part in the tournament.  This event is getting bigger every year and I can tell all of you that our support is most appreciated by the leadership of The NY GAA Minor Board.

     Sadly, as I write this, we are preparing to say goodbye to a tremendous member of our organization, John Egan.  John was tragically killed over this past weekend in a car accident in East Durham. John was a Past AOH New York State President and a good friend to Division One.  Please remember John and the entire Egan family in your prayers.

     I plan on attending the AOH New York State Board in Albany this Saturday and will have a full report at our December Meeting.  We are also planning to participate in the Archbishop John Hughes Statue Dedication ceremony that will take place at The Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral on November 22nd.  Further details will be discussed at our November meeting.

     All of you are no doubt aware of the changing events that have taken place regarding The NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Committee.  While we are concerned as to what is occurring within the parade leadership, we will not make any official comments or statements as there is now a lawsuit currently under litigation.  Please be assured that I along with the AOH leadership in New York are keeping a keen eye on this and will keep you informed of any new developments as they occur, but until the lawsuit is adjudicated, we cannot make any further comments or statements regarding the parade or the details contained within the lawsuit.

     We are making preparations for our Division’s 125th Anniversary celebrations that will take place in 2016!  Stay tuned for some important announcements!

     Finally, I will wish you and your family a very warm and Happy Thanksgiving.  We all have many blessings to be thankful for.  I for one am thankful for the tremendous support and loyalty the membership has shown me all these years as President!

Yours in our Motto,

Kevin Ellis, President
Division One, Yonkers



Rev. Matt Janeczko OFM

Kevin Ellis

Vice President
Jim Walsh

Recording Secretary

Robert Eggen

Financial Secretary
Dan Mulvey

Mike Morley

Chairman Standing

Dennis O'Brien

Ronan O'Brien

Scott McGown



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