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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Yonkers AOH Supports Barnabas Fundraising Campaign

Yonkers Division Supports Barnabas High School Fundraising Campaign

Division President Kevin Ellis, Barnabas Trustee Bernadette Sciarabba,
Division Treasurer Mike Morley and Principal Theresa Napoli

     Members of Division #1 visited St. Barnabas High School this week to help support the schools fundraising campaign in partnership with Youth INC’s Celebration Program.

     Youth INC is an organization that works with New York City youth-serving non-profits to help them develop fundraising capabilities, make influential connections, and receive grants that drive sustainability and accelerate growth.  The Celebration Program is a year long fundraising training program that provides organizations and non-profits with the knowledge, skills, and tools to engage new supporters, raise more funds, and deliver more opportunities to youth.  St. Barnabas was the only Catholic School that was chosen to participate in the program this year.  

Youth INC Selected St. Barnabas as
a Partner School for 2017

     School Principal, Theresa Napoli, stated that funds would be used to invest in new technology for the school such as the Chrome books for students program.

The AOH of Yonkers Supports Local Catholic Schools with
Funds Raised at its Annual Charity Golf Outing

     Division #1 was proud to present a $1,000 pledge of support to help St. Barnabas reach their goal of $125,000.

     To learn more about how you can help St. Barnabas is achieving their goal this year, please visit their website at:

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

AOH Attends Respect Life Sunday Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral

Yonkers AOH Supports Sisters of Life on Respect Life Sunday

Division Members Brendan Murphy and Bob Eggen with The Sisters
of Life at St. Patrick's Cathedral for Respect Life Sunday

     Members of the Myles Scully Division #1 of Yonkers attended a very special Mass this past weekend as the Archdiocese of New York celebrated Respect Life Sunday on October 1st.

     The Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City was co-sponsored by the AOH NY County Board and the Sisters of Life Order.  The Mass was celebrated by Cathedral Rector Monsignor Robert T. Ritchie.

     Division #1 was proud to present a $1,000 pledge to the Sisters of Life after the mass to help support them in the important work they do protecting the sanctity of every human life.

To learn more about the amazing work of the Sisters of Life and how you can support them, please visit their website at:

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Presidents Message - October 2017


Division One President Kevin Ellis

October 2017


     Fall is in the air and we are entering a very busy time of year for the AOH as we transition from the Irish Festivals of September to the Dinner Dance months of October and November.  We have a few things to keep in mind this month, but first a few items left over from September.

     I would first like to welcome the new members that have joined Division #1 over the past 5 weeks.  Please join me in welcoming Eamonn Goodwin, Matt Mclean, Brendan Stephenson. Paul Tuffy, and John O’Brien!  I am thrilled these men have decided to join and help us grow and expand our mission.  We have placed a specific emphasis on recruitment this year and we are off to a great start.  Please continue in your recruitment efforts as we want to see growth every single month!

     The McLean Avenue Festival was a tremendous success this year and I wish to thank all of our members who assisted us in manning our booth and helping to sell raffle tickets.  Special recognition belongs to Mike Klein who sold hundreds of tickets the day of the festival and who was a big reason we were able to raise so much.

     This month, the American Irish Association of Westchester will have their Annual Dinner Dance at Dunwoodie on October 14th and they will be honoring our Division Chaplain Fr. Matt Janeczko and Ladies AOH Division #19 President Allison Burke.  I hope to see many of our members in attendance so please contact Bob Stauf to reserve your spot.

     The NY GAA Minor Board have reserved the date of November 5th for the 9th Annual Firefighter Sean Tallon Tournament beginning at 10:45am.  Please keep this date clear as I expect members to make a good showing this day as the AOH is the principle sponsor of this event. There are other events throughout the month and we will cover these as well as inform each of you through the email chain so please watch your inboxes for these important announcements.

     Since this is election season and there are many local races taking place, I will remind the membership that the AOH is a Non-Political Organization.  We are forbidden by our national Constitution from formally endorsing any political candidate, party or platform.  The penalties for violations can be severe so please contact me directly if you have any questions or need any clarification regarding this policy.

     Also, please remember that we will be having our first round of nominations for Division Officers at our next General membership Meeting on November 1st at Clarke’s Bar & Restaurant on Saw Mill Road.  Please speak to me if you are interested in serving as an officer for the coming year.

Yours in Our Motto,

Kevin Ellis, President

Division #1, Yonkers
Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Yonkers AOH Honored for Charity Work

Yonkers Division Recognized for Charities Work at Hibernian State Convention

Division #1 Yonkers was one of 18 Divisions in New York State
 honored for its Charities and Missions work. 

     The AOH New York State Convention was held at the Adams Mark Hotel in Buffalo this past week, and the Myles Scully Division was honored for its charities and missions program by the New York State Board.  Division #1 Yonkers was one of eighteen Divisions in New York State to recognized for outstanding charity work.

     Division #1 Yonkers received the New York State Charities and Missions Award for its work over the past 2 years supporting Catholic and Irish charitable organizations in the local Yonkers community.  The State Board noted that since the last New York State Convention in 2015, Division #1 Yonkers has reported $55,790 in cash donations and over 3,025 in volunteer man hours by its members.

     Matthew Buckley, AOH State Charities and Missions Chairman, was proud to announce that the 18 New York State Divisions receiving the award collectively had donated over $430,000 state wide over the same 2 year period.

     The 2017 Buffalo Convention marked the 5th consecutive time the Yonkers Division has received the Charities and Missions award dating back to 2009.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Commodore John Barry Medal Winners Announced for 2017

Yonkers AOH Announce Recipients 
of Commodore John Barry 
Scholastic Medal

Commodore John Barry - Father of the US Navy

     The Ancient Order of Hibernians, Myles Scully-Division #1 of Yonkers is proud to announce the winners of The Commodore John Barry Memorial Medal for 2017.  The award is made available to all Catholic Elementary Schools in The City of Yonkers. The award is named after Commodore John Barry, an Irish immigrant who lived to become known as The Father of The United States Navy.

     Commodore Barry received Navy Commission #1 from President George Washington in 1798, making him the first flag officer of the newly formed U.S. Navy.  The Commodore Barry Medal is awarded to a graduating student who has excelled in U.S. History/Social Studies.  The award consists of a certificate of merit along with a medal which is worn around the neck.

The Commodore John Barry Memorial Medal

     The awards will be presented to each student at their school graduation ceremonies beginning the weekend of June 10th.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Sacred Heart School – James Pardo

St. Ann’s School – Lisa Mardjonovic

St. John the Baptist School – 
Raymond Murphy & Nicholas DeMatteo

St. Anthony’s School – David Conway

St. Peter’s School – Joseph Chirurgi

St. Paul the Apostle School – Conor Rice

St. Eugene’s School – Giancarlo Petrino

Friday, June 2, 2017

Yonkers Division Donates to Stepinac High School

Yonkers Division’s Donation Helps Archbishop Stepinac High School Acquire New Technology

John Walsh Presents Donation to Stepinac President Fr. Tom Collins

     The Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) Myles Scully Division #1 of Yonkers recently presented a donation to Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains that will help the school to continue implementing its new learning technology platform.

     Division #1 member John Walsh presented a $1,000 donation to Fr. Tom Collins, who is the President of Stepinac High School.  John is a graduating senior from Stepinac this year and is the son of Division #1 Vice President Jim Walsh.

     The funds will be used to purchase new Samsung Chromebooks for student use. School officials explained that new technology is becoming a necessity in today’s learning environment.

“     Since our school uses a blended learning environment where the teacher uses online resources that include Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), digital textbooks, and my Pearson Online Labs, the use of mobile devices is becoming more and more important every year.” said Stepinac Advancement Officer Patrick Massaroni, “The ability to acquire additional Chromebooks will only add to our ability to ensure that every student has the resources to use our digital platforms regardless of the circumstances.”

New Chromebooks will be purchased with funds provided by the AOH

     Division #1 Yonkers has also supported other local Catholic High Schools with donations for computers labs at Sacred Heart High School in Yonkers and Maria Regina High School in Hartsdale.

     The funds provided by the Hibernians were raised at the AOH Yonkers Annual Charity Golf Outing which is held each spring at the Ardsley Country Club in Dobbs Ferry.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Irish History for June 2017

Historian’s Report


by Mike McCormack, NY State Historian

June is a remarkable month in Irish History as so many things occurred in that month over the centuries.  For Example:

On June 1, 1866, a Fenian Army invaded Canada and captured Fort Erie with the intent of seizing all of Canada and trading it back to England for Ireland’s freedom.  They went on to beat a British force at Ridgeway before being stopped by the U.S. closing off the border behind them and cutting off their supply lines.  A trip to the Ridgeway battlefield might be a good idea during the coming New York State convention.

On June 3, 1974, patriot Michael Gaughan, on hunger strike in Parkhurst Prison for political prisoner status, died after force-feeding.  Six guards would restrain him at the top of the bed, stretch his neck over the metal rail, force a block between his teeth and force a feeding tube down his throat through a hole in the block. Michael’s brother described him noting: His throat had been badly cut by force feeding and his teeth loosened. His eyes were sunken, his cheeks hollow and his mouth was gaping open. He weighed about 84 lb.  He’d been force-fed 17 times at the end of his 64-day hunger strike. After he died at age 24, his family stated it was from food lodged in a lung punctured by the force-feeding tube.

On June 4, 1798, Lord Edward Fitzgerald, leader of the United Irishmen, died of wounds received during his capture. He was a Lord, brother of Ireland’s leading peer and tremendously popular with the common people. Since a public trial would be embarrassing and might start the rising they feared, the British decided that although his wounds were not serious, they would not be treated.  The bullets were left in his shoulder, and the wound infected.  Septicaemia spread through his body and tortured his mind.  Mad with fever, he shouted, Dear Ireland, I die for you, and My country, you will be free. Then, after 16 days of intense pain, Lord Edward Fitzgerald died of his wounds.

On June 5, 1646, Owen Roe O’Neill, a brilliant strategist who had returned from Spain to fight for Ireland, defeated the British at the Battle of Benburb.  It was the first major win for the Irish who lost only 300 men to Gen. Munro’s 3,000.

On June 20, 1764, Theobold Wolfe Tone was born to introduce a new Republican concept to Ireland that has been followed to this day.  His idea of joining Catholics, Protestants and dissenters together to oppose the Crown for Ireland’s freedom became the basis for all the Republican movements from the Young Irelanders to Sinn Fein.

On June 21, 1877, a day remembered as Black Thursday, four members of the AOH accused of being members of an imaginary group called the Molly Maguires, were hanged in Mauch ChunkPA.  A special gallows had been constructed so that all four lives would be ended at the exact same time.  In 1979, Jack Kehoe, reputed leader of the Mollies was posthumously pardoned and the Governor of PA recognized the group as part of the fledgling mine workers union of that historic period.  On June 21, 1997, 120 years later, a memorial Mass was attended by 100 descendants of those hanged and members of the AOH at the jail where they had been hanged.

On June 28, 1920, after hearing of British atrocities in Dublin, Irish soldiers in the British Army in India engaged in the legally prescribed manner of peaceful military protest. They laid down their arms and declared that they would fight for the Crown no more. They were immediately arrested and confined in brutal conditions.  Private James Daly, who was declared to be the instigator, was sentenced to death and became the last member of the British Army to be executed by firing squad.

On June 22, 1922, the Provisional government of the Irish Free State bombarded the Four Courts which had been seized by anti-treaty IRA forces.  Many count that as the start of the Irish Civil War in which more than 2,000 were killed before it ended in May, 1923 – less than one year later!

On June 29, 1848, leading members of the Young Ireland confederacy, who had been traveling Ireland organizing a rising, were surrounded in Ballingarry, Tipperary.  After a lengthy gun-battle they were defeated and the dreams of another rising died.  James Stephens and John O’Mahony escaped and fled to France while Michael Doheny fled to America.  They would all revisit the dream and later form the Fenian brotherhood.

These are only a few of the historic events we recognize in June.  There are also important births like Edmund Ignatius Rice, founder of the Christian Brothers (June 1, 1762); teacher and author Sinead DeValera (June 3, 1878); James Connolly, Irish Citizen Army leader and 1916 commander (June 5, 1868); Wm Butler Yeats (June 13, 1865); tenor John McCormack (June 14, 1884); and Charles Stewart Parnell (June 27, 1846) among others.  We also lost some great people like Matt Talbot, servant of God (June 6, 1925); Saint Colmcille (June 9, 597); Tenor Frank Patterson (June 10, 2000); Molly Malone, who died of a fever (June 10, 1886); and Journalist Veronica Guerin who was gunned down on a Dublin street (June 26, 1996).  Also, on June 16, 1904James Joyce had his first date with the love of his live, Nora Barnacle.  It is the date he later memorialized as the day everything takes place in his masterpiece Ulysses and is remembered today as BLOOMSDAY!

These dates and many more which happened, not only in June, but on every day of the year are listed on the 2018 Calendar of Men’s & Ladies Irish and Irish-American Historical Events available from Pete Durkee (518) 274-8448. The calendars also provide the opportunity to win more than $10,000 in prizes, so give Pete a call.

President's Message for June 2017


Division One President Kevin Ellis

JUNE 2017


     Summer is just around the corner!  I am definitely looking forward to our summer break.  (There are no Division meetings in July or August). Division #1 Yonkers had another tremendously successful year and I have to thank each and every one of you for the hard work and dedication you have shown every step of the way.  Let me highlight a few things as we prepare for a well deserved rest.

     I attended the AOH New York State Board Meeting in East Durham last month and I will have all of the reports and information available to you at our meeting.  We learned of a bill in Congress that could indirectly have a terrible impact on The MacBride Principles and the AOH is mobilizing to make sure that effort is stopped.  Information on this bill should have arrived in your email inboxes a few weeks ago.  I would encourage every member to please follow the instructions on how to contact our congressional representatives and alert them to the danger that The MacBride Principles face if The Financial Choice Act of 2017 passes.  Please contact me directly if you have any questions about this.

     The AOH Westchester County Board elected Brian Duffy of Division #11 Tarrytown as our new County President.  I am sure all of you will do everything to support him in his new role.  I would like to congratulate outgoing County President Aidan O’Kelly Lynch on serving 2 very successful terms and we are proud to endorse his candidacy for AOH District #4 Director.

     Thanks to all of our members who marched with Division #1 in the annual Yonkers Memorial Day Parade.  We had a very strong showing and this is very important for our Division.

     The Westchester County Board Manchester Martyrs Memorial Dinner is scheduled for Friday, June 23rd in Peekskill and we need members to submit their journal sponsorships ASAP.  If you require a sponsorship form I can provide you one.  This will be the final event before the State Convention in July.

     The State Convention will be held in Buffalo the week of July 10th.  Any members who wish to attend as delegates must submit their names to me as soon as possible so our County Delegation can have accurate credentials for you when you arrive.  Please notify me if you have not already.

     Finally, I would remind everyone of Danny Mac’s Annual Golf Outing to benefit St. Brigid’s GFC will be held on July 17th at Van Cortlandt Golf Course in The Bronx.  We are very thankful for all the support we receive from Danny Mac’s and we should support those who support us!  Event Flyer can be found below.

     I wish you and your families a very enjoyable and relaxing Summer, and we will see you all in September!

Yours in Our Motto,

Kevin Ellis, President

Division #1 Yonkers

Danny Mac's 2017 Golf Outing Flyer

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

20th Annual AOH Charity Golf Outing

Yonkers Division Raises over $25,000 
at Charity Golf Outing

18th Hole at The Ardsley Country Club in Dobbs Ferry, New York

     The Myles Scully Division #1 of Yonkers held their 20th Annual Charity Golf Outing on May 8th at The Ardsley Country Club in Dobbs Ferry.  The event welcomed 120 players who were treated to a wonderful day of golf, food and fun.

     The Golf Outing has become the Division’s largest and most successful charity fundraising event and continues to grow each and every year.  Funds raised at the event go towards the Division’s Charities and Missions Program.

Players enjoy lunch and drinks at The Halfway House

     “Our Golf Committee Chairman Dennis O’Brien and his team spend the entire year planning this event and the results speak for themselves,” said Division President Kevin Ellis, “We are very fortunate to have so many sponsors and supporters in the local community”.

Players sit for Dinner after an enjoyable day on the course

     The Division is already beginning plans for next year’s event, when the Ardsley Country Club will open a brand new catering hall and clubhouse, which were damaged in a fire two years ago.  

Raw Bar is set up prior to the start of the Cocktail Hour at the Yonkers AOH  Charity Golf Outing

Dinner is served at the Ardsley Country Club in Dobbs Ferry

Monday, May 1, 2017

President's Message May 2017


Division One President Kevin Ellis

May 2017


     Let's extend a big welcome our two new members John Walsh and Kevin Fitzgerald!  I know our members will do everything to make them feel welcome.  Remember Brothers, always be recruiting!

     I would like to congratulate those members who achieved their AOH Major Degree on April 22nd in Old Bridge New Jersey.  I hope that the experience helped guide you closer to the ideals and lessons of our organization.  We still have too many members who have not taken the Major Degree and this must be addressed.  We will attempt to hold another degree ceremony locally in the fall so stay tuned!

     Our 20th Annual Charity Golf Outing was once again a major success!  This could not have been done without the hard work and leadership provided by our Golf Committee Chairman Dennis O’Brien!  Congratulations to him and his team who put in so many hours of work to make this event bigger and better each year!  We should have a final report on the golf outing at our next membership meeting.

     We have a few upcoming events that I need to remind you of.  The first is our Ladies of LAOH Division #19 of Yonkers which will hold their Annual Happy Hour Fundraiser on June 2nd at the Glenrowan in Yonkers from 6-9 pm.  This is always a great event and I would encourage all of our members to help support our ladies!  The event flyer is located at the end of this report.

     Division #1 will also be participating in the Annual Yonkers Memorial Day Parade which will take place on McLean Ave Tuesday, May 30th.  I ask members to dress is business casual attire for this event and I will provide formation location and times as soon as they are given to me.

     The next big event that will take place is the AOH Westchester County Board’s Manchester Martyr’s Commemoration Dinner on Friday, June 23, 2017 in Peekskill.  The AOH will honor Derek Warfield (Wolfetones) and Dr, Ruan O’Donnell from Limerick University.

     Division #1 must be a major supporter of this event!  We will need members to fill several tables and provide sponsorships for the commemorative journal.  We will have flyers available at our meeting and they are also included at the end of this report.

     Finally, I will remind all members that our final Division membership Meeting will take place on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at Stephen’s Green Bar & Restaurant beginning at 7pm.  This will be our summer break celebration (there are no meetings in July and August) so I hope to see every one of you there that night!

(Event Flyers Can Be Found Below)

Yours in Our Motto,

Kevin Ellis, President

Division One, Yonkers

Monday, April 3, 2017

President's Message April 2017


Division One President Kevin Ellis

April 2014


     Division #1 Yonkers has completed another successful St. Patrick’s Day Parade Season and Spring is in the air, which means we will be talking a lot about golf in the coming weeks.  First let’s recap a very eventful month of March.

     Division #1 once again participated in 4 St. Patrick’s Day Parades in the span of 7 days!  Thanks to all of those members who came out and helped our Division make an impressive showing.  Special thanks go to the “Iron Men” who braved the freezing temperatures and dangerous winds that we faced marching in the White Plains Parade.  No one can ever question the dedication of these brothers!  Once again our members turned out in large numbers to march in NYC and Yonkers.  I would also like to thank Kevin Fitzgerald, who accompanied Division #1 in the NYC Parade and took hundreds of wonderful pictures throughout the day.  The Yonkers Parade was a special one this year as Timothy Cardinal Dolan was our Grand Marshal and our own Sean McEvoy was the AOH Division #1 Aide to the Grand Marshal this year.  I would like to congratulate Sean once again on this very well deserved honor!

     I would also like to personally thank each member who nominated me to be this years Westchester County Aide to the Grand Marshal in the 256th Annual NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  It was such a tremendous honor and I have so many memories that I will never forget!  Thanks to our worthy Vice President Jim Walsh for leading the Division in another very impressive fashion up 5th Ave.  I must say it was a great experience to actually watch the Division march up the Avenue this year.  You were all a sight to see!

     The month of April will be a busy one for our Division as we now go full speed ahead on preparations for our 20th Annual Charity Golf Outing at The Ardsley Country Club on Monday, May 8th.  The event flyer and registration form should have arrived in your email inboxes early last week.  Please get these forms filled out as soon as possible as this event is always a sell out.  Hole Sponsors are the reason our Golf Outing is a success and we are always working to get new sponsors!  Please make every effort to get a few more sponsors this year!  If every member were to bring in 2 additional sponsors, we would actually triple the funds raised for our Charities and Missions Program.  We will have additional flyers available at the General Membership meeting on Wednesday, April 5th at The Whistlin’ Donkey on McLean Ave.

     The other very important event that will take place in April will be the MAJOR DEGREE.  This is a perfect opportunity for members who do not have their Degree to finally be made whole within our order.  The MAJOR DEGREE will take place on Saturday, April 22, 2017.  Division #1 will provide transportation by bus.  The event is $35.00 for candidates and $30.00 for observers.  Please make every effort to attend this very important ceremony.  Details will be provided at the General membership Meeting.

     We will also be discussing upcoming events such as the Westchester County Board Manchester Martyrs Commemoration and we will also have more information concerning the AOH New York State Convention to take place in Buffalo this July.

Yours in our Motto,

Kevin Ellis, President

Division #1, Yonkers



Rev. Matt Janeczko OFM

Kevin Ellis

Vice President
Jim Walsh

Recording Secretary

Robert Eggen

Financial Secretary
Dan Mulvey

Mike Morley

Chairman Standing

Dennis O'Brien

Ronan O'Brien

Scott McGown



Mailing Address:

A.O.H. Myles Scully
Division One
P.O. Box 1020
Yonkers, NY 10703

Email Address:



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