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Commodore John Barry Medal Program

The Commodore John Barry Medal

The Father of the U.S. Navy-Commodore John Barry

           The Ancient Order of Hibernians have dedicated themselves to promoting the legacy of a true American Hero, Commodore John Barry.  He is officially recognized as the “Father of the American Navy”.  He received the U.S. Navy’s Commission #1 from President George Washington and was the first official flag officer in the U.S. Navy.  

Mockup of the Barry Memorial

 The A.O.H. has been working to inform and educate about the contributions of this great Irish-American with events and programs on both the National and Local level.  Nationally, the A.O.H. is currently involved in a project to build a John Barry Memorial on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.  The project includes a memorial, plaza, as well as renaming one of the Academy's entrance gates in John Barry's name.

The "Barry Gate" is now complete!

Here is a link to learn more about Commodore John Barry:

         In Yonkers, The Myles Scully Division One has offered “The John Barry Memorial Medal” as a Graduation Award to the 9 Catholic Elementary schools within the City.  The Medal is awarded to a graduating student who has excelled in U.S. History.  Students are presented a certificate and a medal that is worn around the neck.  We are proud to help recognize the life and contributions of an unsung American hero!

 The Commodore John Barry Medal Recipients


Drita Nikac – Saint Ann’s School

Michael Donnelly – Saint Paul the Apostle School

Kevin Dronzek – Christ the King School

Tyler Chen – Saint Anthony’s School

Erin Thomas – Saint Eugene’s School

Chelsea Dua – Saint John the Baptist School

Sean Crosby – The Sacred Heart School

Jerry Thompson III – Saint Peter’s School

Julia McGarvey – The Annunciation School


Samantha McKillop – Saint Ann’s School

Brandon Spear – Saint Paul the Apostle School

Matthew Gaschler – Christ the King School

Caitlin McHugh – Saint Anthony’s School

Thomas Espinal – Saint Eugene’s School

Sean Crisp – Saint John the Baptist School

Virginia Hoblock – The Sacred Heart School

William McKissick – Saint Peter’s School

Joseph Ryan – The Annunciation School


No Medals Were Awarded This Year


Carolina Mendes – St. Ann’s School

Damien Garcia – St. John the Baptist School

Amanda Sati – St. Anthony’s School

Stephanie Brij-Raj – St. Paul the Apostle School

Alex Ponce – St. Peter’s School

Dante Scrnati – Sacred Heart School

Anthony Piccolino – St. Eugene’s School


Sacred Heart School – Ryan Maguire

St. Ann’s School – Daniela Gonzalez

St. John the Baptist School – Kevin Graham

St. Anthony’s School – Jordan Laevsky

St. Peter’s School – Roberto Valez

St. Paul the Apostle School – Rudolph Pflaumer

St. Eugene’s School – Tiffany Lacroix


Sacred Heart School - Michael Barrett

St. Ann’s School - Jena Guilfoyle

St. John the Baptist School - Angela Ramoni

St. Anthony’s School - Jacqueline Feehan

St. Peter’s School - Rickay Channer

St. Paul the Apostle School - Julianna Miro

St. Eugene’s School - Anthony Nicolas Delfino Goncalves


Sacred Heart School  Daniel Solis

St. Ann’s School – Beatriz Mendes

St. John the Baptist School  Anjali Lukee

St. Anthony’s School – Kayla Gallichio

St. Peter’s School – Gabriel Bravo

St. Paul the Apostle School  Raya Maittia

St. Eugene’s School – Victoria Carroll


Sacred Heart School – James Pardo

St. Ann’s School – Lisa Mardjonovic

St. John the Baptist School – 
Raymond Murphy & Nicholas DeMatteo

St. Anthony’s School – David Conway

St. Peter’s School – Joseph Chirurgi

St. Paul the Apostle School – Conor Rice

St. Eugene’s School – Giancarlo Petrino




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Chairman Standing

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Scott McGown



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