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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hibernians Call for a Vote on a Reunified Ireland

Hibernians Call for a Vote on a Reunified Ireland

By Neil Cosgrove – AOH National PEC Chairman

     New City, New York – 6/29/2016– The Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) In the wake of the historic vote by the citizens of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, the Ancient Order of Hibernians calls for a vote, as provided for in the Good Friday Agreement, to allow the citizens of Northern Ireland to decide if they wish to leave the United Kingdom and to reunify with the Irish Republic and the European Union. Per National President Brendan Moore: “For those who seek a reunification of Ireland and the return of sovereignty to the Irish people, the recent ‘Brexit’ vote and the mandate for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union is not without its ironies. We note that a widely circulated photo of a pro-Leave banner stated: ‘Vote Leave … and honor those who died for our freedom from foreign rule.’ Certainly, Irish Republicans from Wolfe Tone to Bobby Sands would understand those sentiments. In that spirit, the Ancient Order of Hibernians believe that the people of Northern Ireland should have the same opportunity to vote to ‘Leave’ the United Kingdom as the people of England were given to leave United Europe.” 

     A more dangerous irony of the Brexit vote is a re-emergence of what has been the true curse of Irish History, not sectarianism, but the “double standard”; that in an alleged “United Kingdom” there is one rule for England and another for Ireland. The poster child for this duplicity is Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Theresa Villiers. Ms. Villiers has been an unabashed cheerleader for the Leave Campaign, her activities taking priority over her more mundane duties such as seeking justice for the victims of Loughlinlsland and other incidents of state colluded murder. While celebrating the Brexit vote, Ms. Villiers is simultaneously dismissing calls for a border poll on Irish reunification on the grounds that, per Ms. Villiers, “none of the polls indicate there is support for a United Ireland.” We point out that the most recent “poll” of the people of Northern Ireland, Ms. Villiers’ beloved Brexit vote, indicates otherwise. In the Brexit vote, over 55.8% of the people of Northern Ireland indicated that they wish to remain in the European Union, an opportunity that a united Ireland would afford them. For Ms. Villiers to publicly defend a “Leave” vote on a margin of 4% as a mandate to reshape the map of Europe while claiming that the 11% margin indicating the people of Northern Ireland wish to remain in Europe is insufficient to allow the people of Northern Ireland an opportunity to fulfill their will through a vote on Irish reunification would appear to indicate that Ms. Villiers is mathematically and logically challenged. We call on more prudent heads in Westminster, Stormont and Dublin to ensure that the principles of the Good Friday Agreement are honored and its dividends of peace not squandered by Ms. Villiers and her continued duplicitous policies in Northern Ireland. Let us not let Ms. Villiers, through political machinations and equivocations, lose the opportunity for peace in Ireland in the 21st century as Asquith did in the 20th. Let us not have another Irish generation lose faith in the process of peaceful legislative change to achieve their aspirations for their country because British politicians redefine agreed commitments on a whim to suit their political agenda and appease their handlers in Westminster.

     Let us continue to work to take down the oxymoronic “peace walls” in Belfast and Derry, not create new Brexit-inspired walls on the borders of Armagh, Tyrone, Fermanagh and Derry. Let us not risk a return to the bullet and the bayonet only because, for self-serving political motives, Ms. Villiers fears the ballot. Let us accord the people of Northern Ireland the same right to choose their future association with the United Kingdom in the same way the citizens of the United Kingdom were allowed to speak on their association with a United Europe. Let us have a vote on Irish reunification now.

Monday, June 6, 2016

2016 Commodore John Barry Medal Award Winners Announced

Yonkers AOH Announce Recipients of Commodore John Barry Scholastic Medal

Commodore John Barry - Father of the U.S. Navy

     The Ancient Order of Hibernians, Myles Scully-Division #1 of Yonkers is proud to announce the winners of The Commodore John Barry Memorial Medal for 2016.  The award is made available to all Catholic Elementary Schools in The City of Yonkers. The award is named after Commodore John Barry, an Irish emigrant who lived to become known as The Father of The United States Navy.

     Commodore Barry received Navy Commission #1 from President George Washington in 1798, making him the first flag officer of the newly formed U.S. Navy.  The Commodore Barry Medal is awarded to a graduating student who has excelled in U.S. History/Social Studies.  The award consists of a certificate of merit along with a medal which is worn around the neck.

The Commodore John Barry Memorial Medal

     The awards will be presented to each student at their school graduation ceremonies beginning the weekend of June 10th.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Sacred Heart School  Daniel Solis

St. Ann’s School – Beatriz Mendes

St. John the Baptist School  Anjali Lukee

St. Anthony’s School – Kayla Gallichio

St. Peter’s School – Gabriel Bravo

St. Paul the Apostle School  Raya Maittia

St. Eugene’s School – Victoria Carroll

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Irish Republic Day in Yonkers

April 24th Declared Irish Republic
Day in City of Yonkers

AOH Division #1 at Yonkers City Hall Before Council Meeting

The Ancient Order of Hibernians attended the Yonkers City Council Meeting on April 12th to participate in ceremonies marking the 100th Anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland.

Hibernians Seated In the Council Chambers at Yonkers City Hall

The Hibernians presented The City of Yonkers with a large framed copy of the Irish Proclamation of Independence on behalf of the city’s Irish Community.  The City Council approved a resolution calling for April 24th to be declared “Irish Republic Day” in the City of Yonkers.  A framed copy of the resolution was presented to the members of the AOH Myles Scully Division #1, which was founded in Yonkers in 1891.  Copies of the resolution were to be sent to the Irish Embassy in Washington and the Office of the Irish Consular General in New York City.

Yonkers Irish Republic Day Resolution

Division President Kevin Ellis addressed the City Council before the beginning of the meeting to thank the council members for helping commemorate an important event in Irish & American History. “The Easter Rising changed the course of history for Ireland, and the Proclamation was a document ahead of its time.” said Ellis, “The proclamation is was also unique in its reference to the exiled children in America.”

Mike Morley Reads the 1916 Irish Proclamation of Independence

Division Treasurer Mike Morley then read aloud the text of the 1916 Easter Proclamation in front of the entire City Council and guests in attendance.

Hibernians with Members of The Yonkers City Council

We would like to thank City Council President Liam McLaughlin and the members of the Yonkers City Council for welcoming us to City Hall!

City Council Pres. Liam McLaughlin with Division #1 Pres. Kevin Ellis

Monday, April 4, 2016

AOH Supports Yonkers Member in Need

Myles Scully Division #1 Supports Fundraising Benefit for Yonkers Hibernian

Jimmy Casey Benefit was held at Danny Mac's in Yonkers

     The members of the AOH were out in force on April 2nd to help support a fundraising benefit for a fellow Hibernian in Yonkers.  Jimmy “Big Poppa” Casey is a proud member of Division #1 in Yonkers and suffered a terrible injury back in January during the Blizzard of 2016.  He is a popular figure in the local Yonkers Community, where he has organized and run the Annual Toys for Tots program over the last 14years.

Division #1 Member Jimmy Casey

     Jimmy had slipped on ice in front of his home the night of the blizzard and was knocked unconscious by the fall.  Jimmy lay exposed to the elements where over 2 feet of snow fell in subzero temperatures.  He was not discovered until the next morning where he was found clinging to life.  He was stabilized by doctors, but he suffered from extreme frostbite on both of his hands which subsequently required the amputation many of Jimmy’s fingers.  The benefit was organized to assist with Jimmy’s medical and rehabilitation expenses.

Large crowds at The Jimmy Casey Benefit

     “The outpouring of support from the AOH was tremendous,” said Division President Kevin Ellis, “Once we put the word out, the response was almost immediate.”  Checks began arriving shortly there after from Divisions and individual Hibernians across New York State.  Support even came away from as far as Chicago, Illinois & Roanoke, Virginia. “We were blown away when we received a check from Division #32 in Chicago,” said Ellis. “We even had individual members from Long Island drive up to show support for Jimmy.”

Jim & Nancy Walsh with Jack McDonald and Judge Mike Doran

     A total of over $2,000 was received at the time of the benefit, and additional donations are expected in the near future.  When combined with the contributions of Division #1 and its members, the total was brought to over $4,000.

Members of Division #15 Massapequa with Yonkers Treasurer Mike Morley

     Jimmy Casey continues to remain in the hospital during his recovery, and it is still unclear at this point when he will be able to return to a normal life once he is released.  There were many at the benefit who took notice of the large AOH presence at the benefit.  “The AOH is not just a fraternal organization, it is a true brotherhood,” said Ellis, “That quality shined through for everyone to see here today, Jimmy has a tough road ahead, but he will know that he has his Hibernian brothers standing with him.”

Division #1 Members with Westchester County Pres. Aidan O'Kelly Lynch

     Division #1 is still accepting donations for Jimmy Casey.  You can send your donations by mail to AOH Division #1 Yonkers, c/o Jimmy Casey Fund, P.O. Box 1020, Yonkers, NY 10703.



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