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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Chili Hilly 5k Walk/Run for 2018

Yonkers Division #1 Sponsors
Chili Hilly Charity 5k

AOH Division #1 Yonkers Water Station at the Chili Hilly 5k Walk/Run

A wet and rainy day did not dampen the enthusiasm of participants of the North Yonkers Scholarship Foundation’s 7th Annual Chili Hilly 5k Run/Walk which was held this past weekend in Yonkers.

Runners receiving water during the Chili Hilly 5k Run/Walk

This year, proceeds from the event are being pledged to help The Fuller Center for Housing-Greater NYC (formerly Habitat for Humanity).  The AOH Division #1 Yonkers has been a proud sponsor of this event since its inception in 2011.

Division #1 Ynkers VP Jim Walsh hands out water during the Chili Hilly 5k

Division members assisted the event organizers by manning one of the many water stations located along the route.  Thanks to the many members who volunteered and didn’t mind getting a little wet for a good cause! 

Division #1 Yonkers is a proud sponsor of the Chili Hilly 5k Walk/Run

To find out more about The Fuller Center for Housing in Greater NYC, you can visit their website:

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Yonkers Endorses McGuiness Principles

Yonkers City Council First to Endorse
The McGuinness Principles

Members of the Yonkers City Council and AOH at City Hall

     On Tuesday, September 25 Yonkers City Council became the first major city to unanimously adopt the McGuinness Principles.

     The impetus came from Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) Myles Scully Division One Yonkers and its president Kevin Ellis. The council meeting was attended by officers and members from national, New York State and all of Westchester divisions, as well as LAOH members, officers of the United Irish Counties, Hudson Valley Irish Center, Police Emerald Society of Westchester County and many Yonkers residents. 

     AOH National Director Dan Dennehy and Division One past President Bob Stauf testified for the McGuinness Principles.

     An AOH press release stated that Dennehy testified as a proud son of Yonkers. He recognized that the City of Yonkers has long embraced the rights of all citizens, including its large Irish American community.

     The McGuinness Principles seeks the same for all in Ireland, by instilling a bill of rights, language equality, justice on legacy crimes and self-determination through a referendum on Irish unity.

     Stauf then testified that Yonkers was the first City Council to adopt the MacBride Principles and had issued the first proclamation that Gerry Adams received during his first visit to the U.S. (Which was delivered to Adams by then Councilman Liam McLaughlin who was at that time instrumental in their passage.)

     Rubbo remarked that 20 years ago the Good Friday Agreement was ratified by more than 70 percent of the voters in the north of Ireland, yet much needs to be done so that McGuinness’ legacy may be fulfilled.  He also recognized the former Council President and AOH member, Liam McLaughlin for bringing the McGuinness Principles to the attention of the Council and keeping the issues of Ireland on their agenda.

     “This was an important first step.” said Yonkers AOH President Kevin Ellis, “Tonight’s City Council endorsement of The McGuinness Principles sends a clear and forceful message that the Good Friday Agreement must be fully implemented without exception.”

     The McGuinness Principles were then adopted 7-0.



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