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Sunday, October 19, 2014

The 3rd Annual Chilly Hilly 5k Run/Walk of Yonkers

AOH Yonkers Supports The 3rd Annual Chilly Hilly 5k Run/Walk

And They're Off!  Over 500 runners take part in Chilly Hilly 5k Run

     The North Yonkers Scholarship Foundation held its 3rd Annual Chilly Hilly 5k Run/Walk this past weekend, and The AOH Yonkers Division #1 was once again proud to help sponsor the event!  Over 500 runners enjoyed a beautiful sunny day all while helping to raise money for a very worthy cause.

Tom Goff, James Walsh, and Tom Allison at The AOH Water Station
     This year, the event was to help support The Special Program and Resource Connection of Yonkers (SPARC).   SPARC enhances the lives of people with developmental disabilities through high quality therapeutic recreation activities. Participants work on skill development in a nurturing social community that does not otherwise exist in their lives.  SPARC provides active, challenging, and interesting recreation for people with special needs, as well as respite for their families. The SPARC specialists use enjoyable, goal-oriented activities as steps towards overcoming obstacles and developing behavioral, functional and life skill goals.

Runners Down Palisade Ave. in The Chilly Hilly 5k Run

     Division One members are actively involved in helping to organize and run the event.  Many members and their families have participated in the run every year, while others helped run one of the many waters stations along the route.

All Ready for the Start of The Chilly Hilly 5k Run

     Congratulations to all the runners, volunteers and especially to the members of The North Yonkers Scholarship Foundation!  To learn more about The Special Program and Resource Connection and how you can help them, please visit their website at:


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Historian's Report October 2014

To Commemorate Or Not
To Commemorate?

By Mike McCormack

     In 1891 Parnell died and the IPP was now led by his assistant John Redmond.  In 1893, a second Home Rule Bill was submitted and this one passed Commons, but was defeated in the House of Lords.  By the General Election of 1910, Liberals and Conservatives in the House of Commons were evenly matched.  Liberal Prime Minister Herbert Asquith came to Redmond with an offer.  If the IPP supported his move to break the power of Lords and have his Budget passed, Asquith would introduce another Home Rule Bill.  The Parliament Act of 1911 thus forced Lords to agree to limit their veto power.  If a Bill passed Commons twice, Lords could not veto it – only delay its implementation for two years!

     In 1912, a third Irish Home Rule Bill was submitted.  At a Home Rule Rally in Dublin, Padraic Pearse gave the Bill a qualified welcome saying, it is clear to me that the bill we support today will be for the good of Ireland, and that we will be stronger with it than without it.  But he concluded with the warning, however, if we are tricked this time, there is a party in Ireland, and I am one of them, that will advise the Gael to have no counsel or dealing with the Gall (foreigner), but to answer henceforward with the strong arm and the sword’s edge . . . If we are cheated once more there will be red war in Ireland!  The Bill was passed by Commons and Lords could now only delay its implementation for two years.  It would become law in 1914; but it never came into force!  The reasons for that were many.  First, the Loyalists in northern Ireland started an armed militia (Ulster Volunteer Force) to oppose it.  Secondly, in a mutiny at the Curragh Military HQ in Ireland, British officers vowed to resign rather than force the implementation of Home Rule if it passed.  Further, bowing to Conservative power in parliament, Asquith proposed an amendment to the Bill to let the counties in Ulster vote to be included or excluded from the Bill.  Loyalists wanted to exclude all counties of Ulster and the Liberals delayed its implementation until the end of WWI.  Partition was then suggested and the King signed the Bill into law on September 18th 1914, but with a pre-condition that it not come into effect until a provision had been made for Ulster!

Unionist Leaflet on The Home Rule Bill

     The Bill that had been held out as a carrot on a stick, promising a new constitutional order and restraining the energies of a militant approach to freedom for 40 years, would now not be implemented as it was passed, but would be altered to partition Ireland.  And Ireland would remain a Crown colony!  The perfidy of the British government was once more displayed and the frustrated Irish militant leaders took to the streets of Dublin to take what the Crown would not give.

     After the Easter Rising inspired the War of Independence in January, 1919, a fourth Irish Home Rule Act was passed in 1920 establishing Northern Ireland as an entity within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and attempting to establish Southern Ireland as another entity as a partitioned country.  It was too late for the Irish had already elected their own leaders in a legally-held British election and they chose to sit in a parliament of their own called Dail Eireann.  They maintained that parliament until they fought the British to the treaty table to establish the Irish Free State with more independence than was ever contemplated in all of the Home Rule Bills.

     Later, the Irish Free State Constitution Act of 1922 permitted the ultimate realization of limited Irish independence through the removal many of the links with Britain and in 1949 it became a republic, ending its tenuous membership in the British Commonwealth.  Therefore, to commemorate the Home Rule Bills, which were never enacted, would only serve to commemorate Loyalist bigotry and Britain’s perfidious duplicity as one of the many causes of Ireland’s War of Independence; on second thought, maybe we should commemorate it, after all!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Yonkers AOH Honored by American Irish Association of Westchester

AOH of Yonkers Honored for Charities Work at American Irish Assoc. Awards Dinner

The Irish Community Service Award

     The A.O.H. Myles Scully Division #1 of Yonkers was honored for its Charities and Missions Program by The American Irish Association of Westchester at it’s 40th Anniversary Dinner Dance that was held at The Fairways at Dunwoodie on October 5th

The Awards Dinner at The Fairways at Dunwoodie Golf Course in Yonkers

     Over 150 people were in attendance to mark 40 years of community service provided by The American Irish Society, which was founded in 1974.  The Ancient Order of Hibernians has enjoyed a close working relationship with the A.I.A. since its inception.

Group Photo of All the Honorees at The AIA Dinner Dance

     There were other award recipients honored at the event as well.  Congressman Elliot Engel and Congresswoman Nita Lowey were honored for their political advocacy in Irish issues, particularly when it came to their support for peace and justice in the North of Ireland.  The McLean Avenue Merchant’s Association was presented with an Irish Business Enterprise Award, and Lifetime A.I.A. member Kitty Geissler was presented with a Lifetime Service Award.

Kevin Ellis Accepting the Award on Behalf of the Division

     The A.O.H. was presented with The Irish Community Service Award for the organization’s charity and volunteer work that members perform each year.  The Yonkers Division #1 was able to donate over $25,000 to charity in 2013, while registering over 1,600 volunteer hours performed by its membership.  Division One President Kevin Ellis stressed that the Division’s achievements were a result of a collective effort. “The success of our Charities Program is the result of the tremendous dedication and work of all of our members”, said Ellis, “This award is something that they can all take pride in.”

AOH Division One was presented with The Irish Community Service Award

     President Ellis also spoke about how both the A.O.H. and the A.I.A. have benefited in the past from dedicated members such as John Carey and James McGinty, who had served as leaders in both organizations.  These remarkable Irishmen men set the example that we strive to match each and every day”, said Ellis, “We owe John and Jim a tremendous amount of thanks for the success that our organizations enjoy today.”

Division One Members with AIA Service Award

Monday, October 6, 2014

Annual Respect Life Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral

Hibernians Celebrate Respect Life Sunday with Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The AOH & The Sisters of Life Co-Sponsor The Respect life Mass
      Members of The Ancient Order of Hibernians from the Greater New York Area gathered at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City to celebrate Respect Life Sunday at The Annual Respect Life Mass on Sunday October 5th.  The AOH, along with the Sisters of Life are co-sponsors of the annual event.

Tom Beirne, Jere Cole, Tom McKenna, Mary Hogan, Mike Flynn & Vic Vogel

      AOH National Secretary Jere Cole and LAOH National President Mary Hogan lead the procession of over 100 Hibernians who were warmly welcomed by Msgr. Robert T, Ritchie the Pastor of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Msgr. Ricthie thanked the Hibernians for their past and ongoing support for the dignity and protection of all Human Life.

Msgr. Robert T, Ritchie Welcomes the AOH to St. Patrick's Cathedral

      Division One of Yonkers had 15 members attend the event, and were honored to participate in an event that stresses respect for all human life, from conception until natural death.

AOH District Director Mike Flynn with Larry McCrudden, Denis O'Brien & Kenny O'Brien

      After the mass, the AOH attended a breakfast that was sponsored by the AOH New York County Board at Maggie’s Place.  AOH New York County President Tom Beirne thanked all those who attended the event, and noted that more and more members are participating in The Respect Life Mass every year.

AOH Procession Leaving St. Patrick's Cathedral After Mass

For More Information about The Sisters of Life and the wonderful work that they do, please visit their website at:

Saturday, October 4, 2014

AOH of Yonkers Supports The Aisling Irish Community Center

Ancient Order of Hibernians Donates to Aisling Irish Community Center

Exec. Director Orla Kelleher and Chairwoman Agnes Delaney with The AOH of Yonkers

     The AOH Division One of Yonkers was proud to present The Aisling Irish Community Center with a $3,000 donation in support of the center’s community support and outreach programs.  The presentation was made at the Aisling Center’s 11th Annual Dinner Dance at Maestro’s Caterers in The Bronx on October 3rd.  The donation is a part of The AOH Yonkers Charities and Missions Program and was made possible from funds that are raised at The AOH Annual Golf Outing that is held in April every year.

     The Aisling Irish Community Center is one of the largest Irish immigrant resource centers in the tri-state area and the main provider of services for the elderly Irish and Irish-American communities of Yonkers and Woodlawn. Its seniors program includes weekly activities and a free lunch every Tuesday, which is donated by local restaurants and caterers.

      Other services and classes offered by The Aisling Center include confidential and professional counseling; legal and immigration referrals; assistance with employment & accommodation; classes in Irish language, music, & dance; Computer Classes; Karate for Kids; Acting classes, Yoga classes for preschoolers, teenagers, adults and seniors; Boot Camp; Moms & Tots group; weekly AA meetings; and TAIW Defensive Driving Course.

To find out more about the Aisling Irish Community Center of Yonkers, please visit their website at:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

President's Message October 2014


Division One President Kevin Ellis

October 2014


     The month of September had a lot of developments concerning the Irish Community in the New York area, there will be much to discuss in the weeks and months ahead of us.  First, let’s have a short rundown of some events that happened.

     I would like to welcome George McShane, Michael Maher, and James Hamill who were sworn in as Hibernians at our Division Meeting on September 3rd. Welcome Brothers! Our membership has now grown to over 100 members!  Let’s keep it going!

     I would also remind all members who still have outstanding membership dues for 2014 to please get these paid up this month.  It is essential that we have all of our members in good standing to make our Division even more successful going forward.

    In September, the rain cut short the Annual McLean Avenue Fall Festival, but we did get in several hours of meeting and greeting people along the Emerald Mile.  Let’s pray for better weather next year.  I attended The 6th Annual Hudson Valley Irish Fest in Peekskill and the event seems to be getting bigger and bigger each year.  Congrats to our brothers in Division 18 Peekskill for putting together another tremendously successful festival!  I attended the AOH Westchester County Board meeting in Tarrytown and I am happy to report that Paul Clarke is recovering from his serious leg injuries.  He still has several more weeks before he up is and about, but it appears that he is on the road to a full recovery.  AOH National Immigration Chairman and member of Division 18 Peekskill Dan Dennehy has been selected to serve as The Westchester County Aide to The Grand Marshal for the 254th Annual New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade, an honor that is very well deserved.  Dan is one of the hardest working AOH members in the entire country, and we extend our congratulations to him and his family.

     As we look forward toward October, the first weekend will be a very busy one.  The Aisling Irish Community Center will hold its Annual Dinner Dance on Friday, October 3rd.  I am proud that our members will be present to present our annual donation of support to the center.  Sunday, October 5th is an all day event.  It is Respect Life Sunday in the NY Archdiocese, and the Annual Respect Life Mass will host AOH members form around the entire metro NY area.  We will have a bus to transport members to and from St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Sunday morning.  The mass will be followed by a buffet breakfast hosted by The AOH New York County Board.  The bus will then return us to Dunwoodie Golf Course to attend the American Irish Association’s 40th Anniversary Dinner Dance, where Division 1 Yonkers will be honored for our Charities and Missions work.  Sign up sheets will be available at our membership meeting for both the Mass and The Dinner.

     At this date, we are still attempting to put together the final details of The Sean Tallon Memorial Football Tournament for 2015.  I will hopefully have more details within a week or so.

     Finally, we are well aware of last month’s developments concerning the NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  I think I would be understating it when I say we were surprised by the announcement that changes were made to allow LGBT marching groups to participate next year.  There seemed to be a lot of confusion on the part of the committee concerning the particulars involving both the decision itself and the process by which the decision was made.  The announcement was accompanied by many conflicting statements being made by different committee members, and this only added to the uncertainty surrounding the future of the parade itself.

     Since the formation of the separate parade committee, The Ancient Order of Hibernians has no direct control of the NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade. However, the AOH is still heavily invested in the parade, and I believe our support and participation is now more important than ever.  It is my personal belief that the AOH and its members must continue to serve as the shining example when it comes to the true meaning and message of St. Patrick’s Day.  
    I attended the parade delegates meeting on September 29th, and will have a full report on some late developing details that have come to light concerning the NYC Parade at our general membership meeting.

Yours in Our Motto,

Kevin Ellis, President
Division One, Yonkers



Rev. Matt Janeczko OFM

Kevin Ellis

Vice President
Jim Walsh

Recording Secretary

Robert Eggen

Financial Secretary
Dan Mulvey

Mike Morley

Chairman Standing

Dennis O'Brien

Ronan O'Brien

Scott McGown



Mailing Address:

A.O.H. Myles Scully
Division One
P.O. Box 1020
Yonkers, NY 10703

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